"Analyze That"

‘Analyze That’

Holley adds the IT


Sean Holley, BBC Wales Scrum V’s ‘Man in the Van’ rugby pundit, delivered a unique perspective on performance analysis this week in his native Port Talbot.

Working with digital technology specialists Aspire 2Be and The Principality Building Society, Holley helped provide playing members of local rugby club, Aberavon Harlequins, with a digital masterclass in rugby match analysis.


In a scheme sponsored by The Principality, Wales’ largest building society and crafted by Swansea based Aspire 2Be, Holley presented a distinctive, in depth insight, from a top coach’s perspective, on how rugby is played and coached at the very highest level.


Ably assisted by Aspire 2Be staff, Holley demonstrated and taught camera technique; video data capture, digital segmentation, transfer and playback, alongside his trademark game analysis to an enthralled audience of Aberavon ‘Quins players, who were each encouraged to use their new digital skills on a range of equipment donated to the club by The Principality.


The programme, a pilot project, is the collaborative brainchild of Aspire 2Be director Simon Pridham, Holley himself and The Principality’s CSR Manager, James Harper. ’This is an extension of Aspire 2Be’s iBroadcast Programme’ said Pridham. ‘We designed and crafted it with Sean’s support, James’ vision and the The Principality’s backing. I’m delighted but not surprised with how well it has been received today.’


Local NPT Plaid Cymru Councillor for Aberavon, Nigel Hunt, who was present at St Paul’s Centre Aberavon, a digital hub and venue for the day’s course, said, ‘This was fantastic. I saw residents of my community being digitally upskilled and participating in a programme which was informative, educational, pertinent, relevant and highly enjoyable. These boys learned so much today and this will go back with them to improve the sporting community in which they live and which I know that they are very proud to represent. This is an area of very high social deprivation,’ added Hunt, ‘The Principality’s generosity alongside Aspire 2Be’s hard work and Sean’s expert tuition will help in part to correct that imbalance.’


‘Quins captain, Dan Morgan, a course participant, echoed Hunt’s comments, ‘I learnt so much today,’ he said, ‘the club will benefit as a result. The Principality’s generosity, has provided us with a video camera, a tripod, free iPads, software licences and the skills to use them all. I can’t thank Aspire 2Be, their staff, The Principality and Sean Holley enough for what they’ve done for us today. Here in Aberavon things are tight and the ‘Quins have been under the cosh financially; this has been an enormously uplifting experience for us all,’ he concluded.